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Are All Recruiters Money-Hungry Sharks?

Posted 11 Nov 2016

“The client offers $110k, the candidate wants $120k, they get on like a house on fire but a defining decision hangs precariously for both as they decide who makes the next move. The client’s anxious, the candidate’s restless, you’re calm, if you say the wrong thing there are careers at stake..

It’s a game of chess, each party budges $3k closer, the recruiter wipes sweat from the brow, $4k from changing two lives for the better. It’s all on a knife edge, the chess board stops still, each second feels like an hour, you sense the conclusion getting closer, then the pin drops.. The client offers $117k, the candidate joyously accepts and your heart rates begins to come back to normal.”

Why am I describing a day in the life of a recruiter?

What goes through the recruiters brain in this moment is real emotions, think of the moment the deal is done, it’s all about the life changing moment, that split second where the candidate works out they have a career that can continue to feed their family and the moment the client knows they don’t have to panic through their day-to-day with a man short anymore. Yes, the recruiters has got a fee but it is all in a result of the deserved hard work.

This post is to let you in on a recruiters motives, not all are money hungry sharks swimming in a ocean of manipulated talent. There are definitely some sharks in the water but that’s the same for any role.

The naked CEO once wrote this, “remember that not all recruiters are bad eggs. There are good ones out there. If you’ve had a bad experience in a restaurant, it doesn’t mean you never eat out again, but it does make you more selective about where you go.”

I believe it won’t be long until the opinion of the recruiter changes and the bad weeds are ripped out, I’m interested to know people’s honest opinion of recruiters, good or bad?

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