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3 Dumb Ways To Use A Recruiter

Posted 11 Nov 2016

If you haven’t got the talent you’re looking for in your team right now and you’re using recruiters, maybe this blog contains why.

Not everyone needs or wants to use a recruiter, and this blog is more for those who don’t like using a recruiter.. as you might think they’re a necessary evil. Get over that and read this, it might help you to get more.

1. Communication. Most good recruiters I know love meeting with, and talking with their clients to find out what it’s like to work inside their organisation. They want go deep and find out what their clients needs are, all so they can find you the right talent quicker. HOWEVER, the number 1 gripe from recruiters is that their clients, can’t or don’t give them this time. How can you afford to give your recruiter this face time? Figure out who the good ones are, pick only 1 or 2, give them all the information they need to find you your staff, and ride them until they give you those results. Get rid of the ones that can’t deliver. Simple.

2. Pay shit commission. So as a client you’re trying to save dollars today. F**k our dollars today I always say, think about LTV (Life Time Value), make every decision based on ‘life time value’ of a client or supplier and you’ll have a good strong business. See most clients think if they can get us to cut our commission today, they’ll be saving $$$.. what they don’t understand is most recruiters are shit negotiators and when they go back to their offices after you feel you’ve agreed to a great rate for you, the priority to fill your roles goes to the bottom of the pile. How? The market is so hot right now, client opportunities for digital recruiters are almost endless. For non-exclusive & non-retained recruitment work, pay upwards of 15% and you’ll more the likely get the right work & results from your recruiter.

3. Shit feedback. I don’t care if you’re Hugh Hefner, you’re not that busy that you can’t type up 3 – 4 lines in an email / spend 10 minutes on the phone, to deliver feedback on why a candidate didn’t get the job. Giving this feedback back to the useless recruiter that made you interview someone not right for you, helps them to become better for you in the long run. See? However if you’re finding that you’re writing the same kind of feedback more than twice, ask around for another recruiter, there’s plenty.

The End.

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