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Posted 26 Jul 2017

iSelect believes that its people are the cornerstone of the Company, and we want them to feel they can be themselves at work.

Importantly, we believe that our desire to be an employer of choice is a critical component of our ultimate and ongoing success in a very competitive landscape for human capital.

iSelect’s corporate headquarters provide an environment in which our staff can learn, execute and develop to their full potential. While we want our employees to excel in their roles, we also enable them to fully engage in an environment which is innovative, welcoming and reflective of our personality.

We maintain a significant commitment to the training and development of our people, with a particular focus on ensuring alignment between individual and company performance, and to remuneration and key performance indicators.

Our training and development programs are complemented by a range of comprehensive employee benefits, including access to recharge-days, an on-site cafeteria and recreational facilities.

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