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About Geeks2U

Established in 2005 by brothers David and Michael Hancock and acquired by Officeworks in 2019, Geeks2U is Australia’s leading provider of on-site and remote tech support for both households and micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Geeks2U pride itself on delivering fast and friendly tech support solutions seven days a week. What’s more – Geeks2U help uncomplicate the complicated, equipping you with the knowledge to fix future tech issues.

We can help with any tech problems, including hardware and software repairs, system security solutions, wireless and wired networking services, virus prevention and removal, data backup and recovery, new device setup services, home entertainment issues, and much more. 

Geeks2U is here to solve your tech issues – regardless of brand, device, or network – and offer ongoing subscriptions for customers who need ongoing support.

We work hard to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone loves coming to work. We work even harder to ensure that every single one of us always remembers who we work for and who keeps us all employed - our customers!

For this reason, we started using software called TINYpulse to constantly improve our workplace happiness. We also introduced regular, company-wide meetings in conjunction with TINYpulse and noticed an immediate improvement in staff morale and engagement. It allowed us to find out about any cultural issues - however small - straight away and then address them openly and transparently at one of our meetings instead of letting them fester.

TINYpulse asks everyone how happy they are at work, on a scale of 1 to 10, every 4 weeks. We are delighted to say that we have been consistently above the TINYpulse average for employee happiness! 

The software also allows our team to use the inbuilt peer-to-peer recognition tool that anyone can use to give a ‘Cheers’ to their team mates. This ‘virtual pat on the back’ has been invaluable to the business! Employees no longer receive positive feedback from just their manager, but now their coworkers too, and it’s had a tremendous effect on the team as a whole.

It’s an even closer team now that everyone can thank one another and celebrate each other’s achievements in such a friendly, public way.