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About FlexCareers
When two successful businessmen, Marko and Joel, looked around their offices, they noticed a very grave problem for corporate Australia - where are all the women?

With more women graduating from university each year it’s hard to believe the number of female leaders at Australia’s top corporates is less than 10%. There are millions of talented women who need to be enabled to realise their career goals, without sacrificing their lifestyle and commitments. FlexCareers was hatched to do just that.

FlexCareers has engineered game-changing technology to connect talented individuals with progressive employers offering flexible work. The initial focus is the underutilised talent pool of 2.1 million career mums, so that qualified and experienced women are contributing to the economic success of this generation and inspiring the next. FlexCareers also offers a fully integrated suite of training and re-accreditation courses for skills enhancement including our proprietary Relaunchships program that facilitates a return to work after an extended career gap.

FlexCareers is changing the way careers work by redefining success, rewriting talent management and realigning workplace expectations with the workforce of today. We envisage a future where flexible work is the norm, not the exception. Where women are given equal opportunities to men and the gender equality debate is a thing of the past. Where diverse teams are thriving and leading by example. Where life outside of work is valued and work-life integration is encouraged and supported.

For us here at FlexCareers, today marks an exciting moment in our company’s short history.

Today we unveiled our disruptive online talent matching platform, a game-changing technology that connects talented individuals with progressive employers offering flexible work.

Today we launched our proprietary Relaunchships program that facilitates a return to work after an extended career gap.

Today we’re officially in the business of changing the way careers work.

Our incredible founders Joel and Marko have worked tirelessly over the last 8 months, from initial ideation to market testing through to concept development to make FlexCareers a reality.

Along this journey, they never lost sight of the importance of building a community of women that support each other and share and connect over career and motherhood ambitions.

Now 10,000 people strong, its our community that every day has helped us validate we’re on the right path and that reinforced FlexCareers can and will lead the way toward re-engineering our culture of work.

There’s not only a business need but a social mandate to change the way careers work for people, particularly women. Career mums are among the most under-utilised workforce in Australia which is too often the result of inflexible work arrangements and the difficulty of keeping traditional work hours whilst also balancing child care responsibilities.

At FlexCareers, we are passionate about building sustainable working relationships between corporations that prioritise diversity and people seeking fulfilling careers at any stage of life.

We celebrate the brave corporations that are blazing this trail with us… Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Macquarie, Metcash, UBS, HSBC American Express, PwC, KPMG and GoCatch to name a few. The number of jobs listed have doubled month over month during our quiet period, and we anticipate this to be in the thousands by this time next year.

We are also honoured to have Rhonda Brighton-Hall join as Chair of our Advisory Board. As we continue to build the organisation and set its course for business growth, Rhonda will play a pivotal role in shaping our thinking, providing a broader view and lending her wisdom as we endeavour to go against the grain of tradition.

On a personal level, I have always been deeply committed to helping people shift their mindset and create value where none before existed.

Along this same vein, joining FlexCareers gives me the opportunity to enact change at an institutional level. I’m thrilled with the challenge this presents and proud to be leading the amazing FlexCareers team as we defy convention and create a new future for work.

The co-Author of two white papers, Nikki has 12 years experience as a Coach and Facilitator, backed by an in-depth commercial background gained from 20 years of working as a Senior Marketer and Business Developer within FMCG, manufacturing and retail businesses in Europe and Australia. She is also EL and DiSC accredited.