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It’s the gripe of young job seekers everywhere – every employer wants experience, but how do you get this experience if no-one will take you on as a novice?

However in an increasingly competitive employee market and the worsening skills shortage across Australia is prompting some employers to look outside the square and develop the previously untapped talent of inexperienced candidates.

Brisbane-based recruitment marketing specialists Employment Office is one such employer.  Employment Office recently launched a campaign to attract an affectionately-termed ‘Incubator Team’.  The idea is to provide young people with the opportunity to get the vital experience they need for a career in sales and marketing, by offering entry level positions with comprehensive training and education as part of the package.

“We are targeting 24 to 34 year olds, however all applicants will be considered.  This could also be a good opportunity for someone looking to change careers.  Applicants don’t need any type of sales experience, but they do need to be driven, energetic and most of all have strong communication skills,” said Managing Director Tudor Marsden-Huggins.

A skills shortages continue across the nation, employers are looking to attract employees from broader talent pools, particularly from the Millennial generation.  As a result, employers must create benefit packages that will not only attract, but also retain these candidates.

“Employment Office is no different.  We offer a number of benefits to prospective salespeople including an uncapped commission structure, health advice and financial planning, a busy social events calendar and opportunities to work in our international locations.  We also offer our people professional development and educational opportunities to further their careers,” he said.

The program presents a rare opportunity for job seekers to get their foot in the door with a global organisation.  Employment Office currently has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Vancouver and Toronto, with plans to expand into new markets.

In 2011 and 2012, Employment Office debuted at Number 27 in BRW’s 50 Best Places to Work.

Sacha Price has been a Sales Account Executive with Employment Office for eight years.  She took on the role with no sales experience and is now one of the company’s highest performing salespeople.

“At first the role was daunting considering I had no sales experience, but I was supported by my Team Leader, given ongoing training to keep me on track and received all the assistance and encouragement I needed to become successful.

“I have increased my annual earnings year on year, have been top global sales person on several occasions, and been fortunate to have qualified to attend the annual Global Gathering in Las Vegas and Paris and Singapore,” she said.