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About Australian Catholic University
Australian Catholic University (ACU) has seven campuses around Australia. We empower students to think critically, ethically and to bring about change in their communities and professions.

As a publicly-funded university, we welcome staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds. We are committed to providing equal access to education for all people.

Students undertake professional placements and volunteer work throughout their studies, with many securing excellent jobs before they graduate.

Community engagement is also a core part of every student's experience at ACU, to the point where it's embedded within our courses. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference through opportunities such as volunteer experience programs.

ACU is Australia's leading Catholic university and is supported by more than 2,000 years of Catholic intellectual tradition. As a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, we are devoted to communicating truth in every field of knowledge through teaching and research, as well as promoting the dignity of all people and the common good.

ACU is committed to diversity and social inclusion in its employment practices. Applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and people from culturally diverse groups are encouraged.

Australian Catholic University is committed to ongoing investment in its staff and to fostering a high-performance work culture.

ACU helps staff reach their potential: In November 2015, ACU was recognised for its leading-practise workplace supports for a fourth year and was awarded a citation for Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.  The Federal Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) awarded the citation after a rigorous assessment of ACU’s practices that support the career development and the full participation of women and men in the workplace.

Feedback from our staff opinion survey (myVoice) reflects that our staff enjoy a collegial atmosphere and feel a strong engagement with ACU’s mission and values.  Our ongoing training and development opportunities help staff members build upon their strengths to shape and develop their career pathway.  ACU also offers specific programs for staff members moving into management positions to equip them with effective and dynamic leadership skills. Learn more about the benefits that ACU offers to our staff.

Community values: Australian Catholic University shares with universities world-wide a commitment to quality in teaching, research and service.   It aspires to be a community characterised by free inquiry and academic integrity.  Through fostering and advancing knowledge in education, health, commerce, the humanities, the sciences and technologies and the creative arts, Australian Catholic University seeks to make a specific contribution to its local, national and international communities.

[email protected]: Read stories from our staff members in the [email protected] series and learn about their journey at ACU.

Our Mission

Our mission and key values underpin everything that we do at ACU.  Australian Catholic University has a primary responsibility to provide excellent higher education for its entire diversified and dispersed student body. Our ideal graduates will be highly competent in their chosen fields, ethical in their behaviour, with a developed critical habit of mind, an appreciation of the sacred in life and a commitment to serving the common good.

Our Campuses

ACU is a national university with seven campuses and approximately 21,000 students and over 1500 staff.  We have career opportunities at each of our campuses located in Ballarat, Melbourne, Canberra, Strathfield, North Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

ACU in the community

Community engagementis a priority at ACU, which is committed to the communities around us. The University explicitly engages the social, ethical and religious dimensions of the questions it faces in teaching and research, and service. In its endeavours, it is guided by a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and the dignity of all human beings.

Environmental sustainability is also valued at ACU. Read about what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact.