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farm worker

We are currently looking for 8 x workers for Banana farming in both the Tully and Innisfail (Queensland locations) who are able to complete at least 9 months working in this position. The Position requirements include Banana Packing Shed Work (Packing, sorting, clusting, hanging, dehanding) and fie...

3 weeks ago
Harvest 2019 - Horticultural Farm worker

Local farm is seeking the services of an experienced "Horticultural" farm worker to work on a stone fruit farm in the Piangil area. This work is to commence immediately and is expected to continue...... ...

1 week ago
Dairy Farm Worker

FARM WORKER required, Kirkstall area, full time, experience preferred, reliable. Ph. 0427 658 880 ...

1 week ago

LOOKING FOR A PERSON WITH AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE with good mechanical ability, machining and welding skills. Grass Valley area. 0419 880 440 ...

1 week ago
Working Holidays Or Farm Worker

Hello. How's your day going? Hope everything goes well with you. Please look through all the information below, and please contact me. ★ capsicum pinking team country This is a team job, so it doesn't work when you first come to the farm. Also, it's very slow to pick. But since we have 15 to 18 tea...

2 weeks ago
Want Your 13 Payslips? I Need Some Workers On The Farm Who Need Their Second Visa.

Hi there....we are looking for about four workers for our farm. Small family farm near Caboolture (just north of Brisbane). The work is strawberry picking and packing for piecework rates, not hourly rates. I need people this week (not next week or the week after....I'll advertise again when I need ...

3 days ago
Banana Farm workers needed

30 Banana Farm workers required for six months work in the Innisfail region of Northern Queensland. The mainly outdoors work involves harvesting, packing and general crop management of bananas on up to 10 properties and will be available...... ...

3 days ago
Avocado Farm Workers

15 Avocado Farm workers are required for four months work from the end of July, 2019 through until end of November, 2019 on an Avocado operation in the Central Coast area of NSW. Work will involve picking and packing avocadoes and general crop...... ...

6 days ago

2 WORKIN OZ - Where training and recruitment Grow together. Available Workers have attended an on farm practical interview or completed a 4 day Farm skills course and assessment. Longterm or Seasonal Personnel. Contact Ley Webster 0497-654631. ...

2 weeks ago
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