User help

Course Enquiries

The enquiries you make regarding courses are sent directly to the educational institute providing that course. We do not handle the enquiry or engage with you prior to sending it on. For this reason, there may be a day or 2 inbetween making the enquiry and receiving a response. We are continually working to improve this process with education providers to give our users the best experience possible.

Course Modes

The course modes indicate the style of study that is available for a particular course. This will help you choose the most appropriate course for your situation. The course modes are:

  • Online - can be completed remotely online, but may include test component is intended to be done in person but with a wide variey of location options. Please check the course details and with the provider.
  • Blended - has a significant portion of the course work that can be completed online. Some regular in person course work is expected.
  • On Campus (Part time or Full time) - requires the majority of course work and lectures (if any) to be attended in person, though will likely be complement with have online components and interfaces. 

Courses may have different course modes available in which case they will display a combination of the applicable options above.