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    About Asset Group Solutions

    Asset Group Solutions has developed a good working relationship with its clients by providing owners and managers with solutions to retail, industrial, construction and commercial properties. As a result of our service we have expanded our network of clients which includes some of Australia’s leading companies. Throughout this expansion Asset Group Solutions has maintained its core values and personalised customer service.

    Asset Group Solutions is constantly monitoring the emerging trends in security, cleaning and maintenance industries to provide the latest in products and services. Our dedicated team focuses on the specific environment, demographics and WHS regulations of the portfolio to provide a total service solution to meet our clients’ needs.

    Asset Group Solutions utilises a stringent recruitment criteria that is followed by ongoing staff assessment and training programs that empower our employees with knowledge and support. This allows our management and staff to be ready to meet future demands and better serve the needs of our valued clients.

    To be an extension of our clients’ business through integrity, experience and professionalism.
    Our growth is maintained through our dedicated staff, providing them with challenges, career opportunities and life balance.

    To be recognised as a trusted provider of facilities management services throughout Australia by utilising the most effective methods and technologies.

    Bullet Point Chevron Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles.
    Bullet Point Chevron Innovation: Solutions in an ever-changing world.
    Bullet Point Chevron Customer Service: Above and beyond.
    Bullet Point Chevron Respect: Value the difference in others.
    Bullet Point Chevron Dedication: Always follow through.
    Bullet Point Chevron Teamwork: “ Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, and Working together is success”.

    Asset Group Solutions was established as part of a re-branding strategy to expand an existing business which was founded in 1996. Since our inception, Asset Group Solutions has developed a reputation as a provider of quality security, cleaning and maintenance services tailored to the needs of our wide ranging clients.

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