What Employers Read Into Your Skill Strengths

What Employers Read Into Your Skill Strengths

Article by www.myresumebuilder.com.au

While tertiary qualifications are important to an Employer they are not enough to make you stand out and be selected for an interview.

Employers want to know you can communicate effectively, be flexible, motivated and have the potential to work as part of a team or lead people.  Your Resume needs to demonstrate these skills just as much as highlighting your qualifications and academic excellence.

Show employers you’ve got what it takes and how you’ll add value:

Communication and Interpersonal skills
Describe how you have communicated effectively with others or give examples of how you have successfully organised your thoughts and ideas.

An employer needs to know you are ready and willing to put in a 100% effort. Think about a time when you have been responsive and motivated to describe how enthusiastic you are.

Having the ability to adapt your thinking and ideas is a quality highly valued by employers. Describe how you’ve adapted to change or evolved to show flexibility.

Even in entry-level positions employers want confident self-starters who are demonstrating leadership qualities. Describe a time or project where you have taken on a leadership role.

High Performer

Employers want to know you are willing to work hard and are committed to the job. Give an example of when you have dedicated yourself to a project or cause and the results you produced – either in a team setting or individually.

Some other key skills employers look for include problem solving, teamwork, creativity and initiative.

When writing your Resume or preparing for the interview the job description will highlight the key skills the employer is looking for. This will help you to address the specific skill criteria in your Resume and expand on these skills by giving examples in the interview.

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