Great new research tool for job seekers!

Great new research tool for job seekers!

Have you ever researched something online before you made a decision to purchase it? Maybe before you made a reservation at a new restaurant you checked out their reviews? You might have looked at their website, but what you really wanted to know was what other people had to say, right?

Now you’re able to do the same research before making one of the more important decisions in your life, who you work for.

JobAdvisor ( is an Australian Employer Review site that collects anonymous reviews from current and ex-employees. This means you can check out your next employer before taking the job!

Anonymous reviews from real employees provide the level of insight you’d normally only be able to access if you were lucky enough to have a friend on the inside. And it’s not just for job seekers, it’s also great for those who want to give their employer constructive feedback that they can’t ignore.

JobAdvisor asks reviewers to provide both pros and cons about working for their employer, as well as a star rating across 6 key areas including management, remuneration, work environment and more.

“As an ex recruiter, I’ve experienced firsthand how much employers and recruiters will paint an opportunity in a positive light – make no mistake about it, they’re selling to you! Up until now it’s been extremely difficult for candidates to conduct a reference on their employer prior to accepting a role. With JobAdvisor, job seekers are able to get an honest, insider’s perspective before making a very important decision”, said Justin Babet, Founder and CEO of JobAdvisor.

Find out what people are saying about where they work and have your say at:

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