Job Head-hunter allows customers to target their job ads to passive job seekers across a multiple networks including News Ltd, Komli and Mi9. By adding Job Head-hunter targeting to a job ad, customers have averaged over 200% of the job applies compared to a standard listing on CareerOne, while also opening up a passive market which often can deliver very strong candidates.

An Australian-first, enabling companies to brand the ad unit and have only their jobs in the targeted display placement. Ensuring only relevant jobs will be placed in front of recognised job hunters, delivering a high-quality targeted campaign, all within our customers branded environment.

Using CareerOne data, the Display Head-hunter solution allows customers to serve display ads to highly targeted customers. By being able to use CareerOne data and cross-reference it with other data sets, CareerOne enables brands to find the exact audience the advertiser is looking for. This goes past just employment advertising and can be used to deliver messaging to very targeted audiences based on industry, job, and other data sets.